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Latest Tech Reviews, New Gadget News

Welcome to itsMichaelW.com. The focus of this site is to provide the latest tech gadget reviews and information in areas that interest me. If you’re into technology, web design, iPhone and other Apple products, Photography, Blogging etc.. I’m sure this site will interest you as well.

When watching reviews, something that I dislike is when they are either too lengthy or short for no apparent reason. You know, the 15 minute unboxing video. Or the “detailed” review that’s only 59 seconds. In my reviews whether posted on YouTube, or text with photos. I try to get right to the point and include what’s needed. Nothing more or less.

Featured Video

The current Featured Video is the Sena Cartera iPhone 5 / 5S Wallet Case Review

Coming up with a nice design is the simple part. Quality content that’s relevant is where it gets tricky. For the most part this site will cover the following areas.

  • In-depth new released gadget reviews
  • YouTube unBoxing and First Impressions
  • Apple iPhone Tips and Tricks
  • Mac OSX Secrets
  • Hands on accessory reviews
  • Photography in South Florida
  • Learning PHP and MySQL Web Development
  • Michael Williams in Miami, Florida
  • Review of the Amazon Kindle Fire VS the iPad 2

Updated Tech Blog

With services today like Twitter and their Trending Topics. It’s easy to share information and find out what’s being talked about. Whether if it’s a PS3 Mini Review, Dev Team Jailbreak for iOS, or current event. Taking part is easier than ever. In addition to technology, I will post some information about things going on in my life as well.

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